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Marketing Your Website On and Offline »

Entrepreneur; “The question used to be, Do you have a website? Now, the more relevant question is, How do you market your website? It truly isn’t a “Build it and they will come” scenario. If people don’t know about your website, they can’t visit–and learn about what you have to offer. That’s why marketing your […]

Tips to Improve Your Online Newsletter »

DMNews; You’ve been sending your online newsletter for some time now. But lately you’ve noticed your click-through or open rates getting a bit soft. Before you redesign the layout, here are five content-related pick-me-ups. Introduce an expert — perhaps you? Does your online newsletter come from your company or a human at your company? Remember, […]

Maximize Online Leads With These 5 Pointers »

DMNews; Some consumer-oriented companies and the majority of business-to-business firms don’t actually sell products or services online. Rather, their Web sites are designed to educate, differentiate, build relationships and foster interaction. In short, the vast majority of these sites are intended to generate inquiries and leads. The ultimate goal — a sale — likely occurs […]

12 Sites for Promoting Your Local Business »

Entrepreneur; Want to get your name out to locals and visitors alike? Take advantage of these online marketing sites and watch your business grow. The advertising of the future is going online–and going local. There’s no question that consumers are using the internet to navigate their way to local brick-and-mortar retailers. A recent study by […]

The New Social Shopping Trend Can Help You Build Buzz »

Entrepreneur; “With the vast majority of Americans researching products on the internet before they purchase them in stores or on the web, it’s no surprise that a whole new form of shopping is emerging. “Social shopping? is the intriguing offspring of social networking and online shopping, and it can offer your growing business just the […]

Let Customers Know Exactly Why They Need Your Business »

Entrepreneur; “You know your product is the best around, but if you’re not selling obvious necessities, your customers will need some education on why they need your product or service. “Marketing really is an education process,? says Michael J. Makropoulos, managing partner at Ntrinsic Inc., a strategic marketing firm in Atlanta. You might educate consumers […]

Testing Local Online Advertising Approach »

IMediaConnection; Maybe it’s because Google and others have demonstrated there’s money to be made at the local level through self-serve, but it seems as if there are a lot of online opportunities that can work for local businesses. The key to prioritizing these opportunities and making the call on which might be right for a […]

Get Top Talent With Creative Bonus Pay »

AdvertisingAge; Sharp Companies Will Do More Than Dangle End-of-Year Carrots in Effort to Retain Employees. Salary increases aren’t the only reason why someone stays in or leaves a job. Still, bonuses are much-anticipated additions to regular compensation. In a candidate-driven market, companies that think big, think differently and listen to what their employees want will […]

Sign Spinners … Good for Marketing? »

Entrepreneur; In pockets of the country, at city street corners, a curious thing can be seen among the motion of jackhammers, honking of cars and throngs of people passing by: sign spinners. It’s not what it may sound like–that is, a neon or wooden sign, spinning around and around, thanks to an extension cord plugged […]

Reason Why Many Online Businesses Fail »

Entrepreneur; Businesses perish in untimely ways, many of which are largely out of an entrepreneur’s control: There’s too much competition. The public is no longer interested in your product or service. You’re a victim of bad luck–you opened a business on the Gulf Coast a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit. Maybe a trusted employee […]