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Google AdWords Yellow Background … Disaster for PPC. »

And so Google AdWords is testing yellow background for paid ads in their search results. Quite a few marketers are happy about it but I find my self saying … “this will lower the CTR”. Quite a few agree; “Definitely , the light yellow background will help searcher to recognize sponsored results than organic results.” […]

Want to Increase Attendance to a Conference? Learn from Incisive Media. »

Ok, this is not a NEW idea that Incisive media implemented but it’s something to know whenever you want people to take big steps (like paying $1,700 for a seminar). People hate big barriers such as high price, long term contracts, commitments (applies to us guys 😉 ), etc. So what do you to lower […]

Constant Communication Equals Higher Sale Conversion »

Constant communication with current customers is the gold mine that many companies do not take advantage of. They do their sale and move on to find new customers. No … I will not stress on how important and easy it is to sell to your current customers compared to new ones, …. I guess I […]

Interested in Testing for Google Audio Ads? »

Google has announced that they are welcoming advertisers who are interested in trying out Google audio ads that will run on the radio within U.S. What they mentioned is that you have to be a current AdWords advertisers to sign up to this program. I’ve actually received a quote from one of the Google salespeople […]

191 Job Openings at Google NYC Office »

If you’re looking for a job in or around NYC you might want to visit the Google’s job openings page. With the opening of their new office in Manhattan, it’s no wonder that they now have 191 job positions to fill. Don’t forget … your resume will be one of thousands. Ideas??? Pink paper? Huge […]

The Power of The First Sentence »

If you ask a web copywriter to show you the most important pieces of the web copy he would tell you that the headline AND the P.S. at the end are the two crucial parts of any ad writing. But does a compelling headline make people read what you have to say? Now comes the […]

Observation: 7 Characteristics of Successful (RICH) People »

Ok … quick and fun post about successful business people. No I have not studied 300 CEOs. This is just from my own experience meeting people who have made it big in the business world. Here we go. 1. Love what they do – it’s a bit of a cliche but this is what makes […]

How PPC Ads Influence Website Conversion »

When marketers talk about great PPC ad copy, they often refer to a high CTR (click through rate). Usually it’s a pretty valid indicator of an eye catching ad. Unfortunately many think that getting people to click on the PPC ad and getting them to convert to a sale are completely separate targets. You’ll be […]

The Power of a “?” Mark for Higher Website Conversion »

When writing web copy for your website, it is usually assumed that whatever you write … your visitors will understand. I mean we’re writing in English right? If our bullet point says “30 day money back guarantee” every one understands it and shouldn’t have any more questions? Right? Wrong my friend, wrong! Even a silly […]

My Prayers Have Been Answered by The AdWords Team »

Remember looking at your web analytics and seeing higher bounce rate from visitors coming out of Google content network? Ever wanted to know exactly who these “partner” / “relevant” sites are? Well …. soon you could find out. Google will show the content referrers thus allowing you to get rid of those 95% bounce rate […]