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Google AdWords Adds “Hide Column” Feature »

Google just implemented a new feature for your Adwords management system. Now when viewing the report of clicks, $ spent, etc you have the ability to hide certain fields you don’t want to see such as … “Status”, “Conv Rate”, etc. I actually don’t see my self removing any of those columns from the report. […]

Gutsy Moves by AirTran Airlines »

Customer is always right? Right? Not in my book. And certainly not in AirTran’s. The Consumerist ran a story yesterday about AirTran removing a screaming toddler with her parents off the airplane. Apparently these parents could not control their kid who was screaming and violently behaving towards them. AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said, ” [The […]

Quick Test … Ask The Employees »

Would you like to know how “healthy” a company is? Do you want to do a quick test of how good your customer support / sales people are? All you need to do is ask them a simple question that many of your prospects ask. “How are you different from the competition?” What … can’t […]

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Text Link … »

As we all know … incoming links are the juice that we all like to drink (search engines value them). Only problem is … sometimes it’s the wrong flavor that does very little for us. Sure, you can do things to get links naturally (pro bono), and yet there are times when some cash can […]

Can Your Website Influence Your Visitors to Buy? »

There is a way to influence consumers online … particularly on your e-commerce website. There are in fact quite a few e-commerce websites that implement such tactics, problem is … many other companies don’t. Here are the “tricks”… Some of the things you can add to your site to influence your visitor is … quantity of a certain product sold […]

Need a Business Idea? Pick One Here for Free »

If you’re looking for that 1 good business idea that will take you to owning a multimillion dollar company, you might want to take a look at this website. What you’ll find there is people (dreamers who can’t execute the idea) who share their business ideas free of charge. No, I don’t think you’ll find […]

Limited Availability Marketing »

Exclusive, VIP, limited availability … what do these things have in common? A “special” tag. Why do people want something that no one else has? There are many reasons and one of them is that it makes people feel special as well as once again, a part of community if what they belong to is limited access […]

Yahoo Displaying StumbledUpon Info in Search Results. »

When searching for few items on Yahoo, I’ve noticed a very interesting icon near few of the search results. What I discovered is that Yahoo is displaying ranking and categories information taken from StumbleUpon. And now take a look at these results. When I clicked on few of these StumbleUpon links I was taken to […]

Internal Marketing and How it Can Screw Your Business Over »

When businesses structure their marketing strategy they look into the channels of advertising, production and all the other elements that go into forming a profitable company. Many times we focus so much on our external marketing strategies that we forget about the internal ones. When creating brochures, a website or an information packet, we sit for hours […]

Company Transparency Equals Customer Evangelism »

Back in the old days, companies were definitely more secretive of their goals, objectives, and especially financial data than they are today. What has changed over the years is that they finally started to understand that transparency equals customer loyalty. In the recent weeks, few bloggers such as Rand from SEOMoz gave away his entire […]