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Google Implements a New Customer Feedback Form for Ranking WebSites? »

As I was doing my regular (track orders) reports I’ve clicked through a URL to see our company’s Order Thank you page (the one customers see when they hit SUBMIT at the end of their order process). To my surprise what I saw was a little visual line of text on the bottom of the […]

Happy Holidays to You All SEOs, SEMs, SMOs, etc. »

I’d like to take this opportunity to…. (this sounds too corporate). I am wishing all the loyal readers of the BizMord blog as well as the folks in our SEM industry happy holidays and all the best in the year 2007. Personal wishes to the great people in this industry; To Jim Boykin – please […]

How Google Identifies a Paid Text Link »

While reading a blog post by Rand Fishkin on paid links I saw a question being brought up by one of the readers about Google’s knowledge and identification process of a paid text link on the web-page. Rand gave a pretty good and quick explanation… “…they look at patterns of links algorithmically, when they were […]

Most Common E-commerce Website Mistake with the Phone Number »

OK … very simple, short and to the point. While doing some online shopping, I am browsing different websites (electronics, home audio, etc). I find what I like and I am printing it now to call these guys up later when I have more time to ask questions and maybe purchase. Time comes for me […]

Why YouTube is Huge and What Your Business Can Learn From It. »

The reason why YouTube, Wikipedia, and other user generated content sites are big is because of the elements contained in them. These elements can be implemented in your own business tomorrow. Here they are… Element number one is … user generated. (Example: YouTube, Wikipedia.) Would you break something that you have created? Would you say […]

The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Igor Mordkovich »

I am guessing you’ve seen this Tag game going on around online bloggers. One blogger started it off where he would say 5 things no one knew about him and then tag 5 more people to follow the chain. There are now about 50+ bloggers who’ve followed this thing and wrote about themselves. You know […]

Best Business Advice from CEO of Skechers on Donny’s Big Idea »

Now … I hate those motivational speeches that sound like they’re telling you where the gold is. People just don’t understand that no one will pay for you to listen where the money is. The video below is something I am sure I’ll be coming back to for years to come. It’s simple, it’s not […]

The Power of a Deep Link Within The First 200 Characters »

Not many people realize the power of deep linking into your own site within the first paragraph of your blog post, article, PR release, etc. No, this is not suggested because Google might give more value to links higher within the content. It’s simpler. Whenever your “content” is republished somewhere … many times you’ll notice […]

SES Chicago 2006 Sessions Recap Blog Links. »

Below is a list of all SES Chicago 2006 conference session coverages from blogers I found. If you know of more good coverages, please e-mail me and I will put them here. Over the next few days I’ll be printing all these sessions and going over each one of them (I already feel bad for […]

Forensic and Competitive Intelligence Session at PubCon Vegas 2007 »

The following are ideas gathered from this session. Rob Garner suggests securing all possible misspelling of your domain name. Andy Beal suggests using Technorati RSS alert for competitor monitoring Yahoo alerts is another way of keeping a close eye on the news generated around your competition or your own site is a good product […]