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Feeding the Engines – Writing Copy Session at PubCon Vegas 2007 »

Moderated by Ted Ulle, First up is … Ted Ulle Suggests that web designers should come last. (During his presentation he pretty much made it clear that he doesn’t like designers) Create a usable navigation. He mentioned that your website navigation should tell a story. Too many choices equals NO CHOICE! Make it easy for […]

New Google AdWords Algorithm Quality Score Effecting Paid and Organic Search? »

The roll out of the new Google AdWords algorithm is supposed to be calculating the quality score of a landing page. Many marketers are concerned about sensitive data that might be used by Google as an alternative or in addition to landing pages to somehow effect paid as well as natural rankings. A post by […]

Feeds and Other Alternate Optimization Opportunities Session at PubCon Vegas 2007 »

Moderated by Joe Laratro. First up is… Greg Jarboe (interesting guy to listen to) Suggests to never optimize for just one word. Stresses that blog coverage will bring much more online traffic than PR releases, though that blog coverage will/might be a result of the PR release. One of his blog articles brought 30x more […]

80% of Customer Feedback Mailings are Worthless and How to Fix Them »

Yaro Starak wrote a bit about his experience with a merchant who sent him a post-sale customer feedback follow up and I’ve decided to stress a bit on this subject. Mailing a customer after the sale and asking him/her to rate from 1 to 5 their experience is a … “so, so” strategy. It just […]

Google Transitions Advertisers from PPC to Offline Media »

Offline advertising has been kind of an unknown area for many small businesses, especially ones that started online. Yes, they know that they can target their audience with specialized, local newspapers and other offline media channels but for many it’s an unknown ground compared to the easy PPC model Google provides. In a BizReport article […]

PPC Ad and Landing Page Optimization Session at PubCon Vegas 2007 »

First up is Christine Churchill (who’s a great speaker by the way). Talks about how hard it is to create a good ad with such a limited amount of characters for Google ads. Something that an advertiser can do to generate a higher CTR is create a unique ad. Think about your USP (unique selling […]

1 Marketing Tip From Nov 2007 PubCon Speakers on Video »

I am back from the 2007 Las Vegas Pubcon conference. Before I get to blogging about the event I wanted to post these few videos I took at the event. Side Note …. as I was boarding the plane to go back to NY, I noticed that we had a celebrity on board. Flew with […]

5 Hours Before Take Off To See Drunk Webmaster PubCon Speakers »

Well, I am about 5 hours away from flying to Las Vegas to the PubCon Conference. As I mentioned before, I will be blogging about the conference when I come back. I’ve noticed that sessions I picked to go to are pretty popular as many other people I know chose the same ones. Expect to […]

It’s Not Over Till It’s Over and Then Some. B2B Client Strategies. »

We do our best to get that account (business) because we want it so much. We send out our “cute” proposals and power point presentations, we try to impress and more. Finally, we got that account. Whew… Let’s celebrate and move on to another perspective client. Sounds familiar? We forget that when it comes to […]

The Shotgun VS. Sniper SEO Approach »

Website owners usually create a website that consists of many pages and yet they focus 90% of their SEO efforts on that one page … the home page. They write down 4-10 of their best keywords and try to optimize their home page for them. This is called the “Shotgun SEO” My friend … do […]