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SEO Jokes. »

As I was driving to get some food today I listened to an old recording of Daily search cast with Danny Sullivan. Few SEO jokes were told there and I decided to share them with you. It’s Friday you know? 1) When your son asks you if he could play in the Google sand box […]

Performance Based SEO Payment Model Will Kill The Conventional SEO Companies »

How will changing the way SEOs get paid effect the search industry? We know the “good ones” won’t guarantee us anything … and maybe they are taking advantage of it? A new SEO payment model might just change that for the better. Shimon Sandler wrote about a performance based pay for SEOs instead of a […]

The Right Way to Testing AdWords Ad Effectiveness. It’s Not Just About CTR! »

As we know, Google AdWords PPC management system allows an advertiser to run 2 or more ads per keyword simultaneously. Google rotates the ads in either even ratio or by the one that’s more popular (gets a higher click through rate). Many marketers “think” that the winner is the ad that generates a higher CTR […]

4 Crucially Important People You’ll Need For a Successful Online Business »

We all know that having smart people working for you is crucial, but who should these people be? What should they be good at? What company positions are “crucial” for a successful Internet business? In my “years” of business life I had to hire, as well as fire employees. I’ve learned that there are 4 […]

Targeting Irrelevant Keywords with Relevant Website Landing Pages »

When a person types a keyword they expect to find a site that’s all about the KEYWORD. There are search phrases in your industry that do not describe your product but people who type the search phrases are definitely your target market. Example: (NOT THE BEST EXAMPLE….) Searching for “Web designer” …… could be relevant […]

Funniest SEO Bull I’ve Ever Heard. »

We have an established partnership with Google and we are actually involved in the modifications of Google algorithm. Google allows you to do paid inclusion where you can pay for natural rankings. We will guarantee that 30% of your keywords (selected by our team) will rank in top 10 on MSN and YAHOO. We can […]

How to Turn Your Angry Customer into an Evangelist with One E-mail Letter »

I noticed that every time something bad happens (customer service problems) it becomes an opportunity to 1) fix the mistake and not make it again and 2) turn the situation around and make that unsatisfied customer into a loyal evangelist. How do we do it? I’ll get to it in a second. Since in my […]

Why “Head On” Commercial is The Most Brilliant Commercial of the Year »

You might hate it or love it, but here is the brilliancy … you most likely know it. “Head on … Apply Directly to forehead, Head on … Apply Directly to forehead, Head on … Apply Directly to forehead, etc” View it on YouTube Who said you need a $150K commercial production to make it […]

Smart Pricing Strategy for Your Service or Product. »

Pricing a product or a service is one of the most important tasks. It’s not just about the bottom line, it’s also the positioning, reputation and perception of what you have to sell. As I visited few forums, I found this article about pricing What they talked about is that you need to look at […]