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Know Where Your Company is Going – The “Time Traveling” in Business »

Wouldn’t it be great to see into the future of your industry? Wouldn’t you want to know the future turns and twists around your business and your customers? No, I am not about to showcase a “back to the future car”. But I do have a simple suggestion that will help you do all those […]

What Kind of a Sales Person Will Shine Tomorrow ? »

We hear it all the time … “looking for AGGRESSIVE sales people”, but is that what works now? Will it work tomorrow? What approach should a sales person take in order to sell more than others? Should he/she be passive or active? What kind of a persona will win the sale? I can say that […]

In-House VS. Outsourced SEO Services for Your Website. »

Whether you have money to hire an in-house SEO person or you you don’t, website owners are trying to figure out which would benefit their business the most. I’ll try to clarify here the pros and cons of hiring an in-house SEO or outsourcing to an SEO company. At a recent marketing seminar I attended, […]

1 Tip to Lower Your Shopping Cart and Sign Up Abandonment Rate »

I’ll keep this short. Every time you ask your visitors to fill out an extra information tab, it’s another barrier they need to jump over. Yes people are lazy and unless you sell something that no one else has and every one wants, you should do your best to make the process as easy as […]

9/11 Involuntary Delayed Post »

It’s September 13th and as you’ve noticed I didn’t really want to post about 9/11. I mean, what else can I say? I am from NY and I did see horrifying disaster and I did smell it and I did want to work in one of the towers, and I did pass them every time […]

3 Easy and Quick Reports That Spot Click Fraud »

OK … click fraud is on the menu today. Some industries are suffering a lot and some a bit, but all would like to eliminate PPC click fraud as the cash is being wasted every day. There are many click fraud tools out there and some of them are very good, what I’ll talk about […]

Simple Web Analytics Report to Help You Lower PPC Spending »

Are you close to going over your budget or do you feel that you might be wasting money on some non-performing keywords with your PPC program? … here is a quick report to help you. As you know Google allows you to add “negative keywords” into your campaign that it will exclude. What that means […]

Do Your Affiliates Cash in On Your Brand Name using PPC? »

If you run an affiliate program you should know this… Some of your affiliates will place PPC ads bidding for your company’s name. Now … this is a clever trick and something you should not allow. If you have competitors bidding on your company’s name you should go and place your own PPC ad right […]

What if There Was No Anonymity on The Web? »

I’ll get back to marketing and search in my next post but first… As I am reading Seth Godin’s book, “Small is the New Big” I come across a “chapter” where he discusses how Internet anonymity is the root of all evil. How true is that? Very much so! Think about it … would your […]

Is Your Hosting Damaging Your Reputation with Google? … Shared IPs Tool »

There was an interesting post on Jim Boykin blog about hosting your website on a unique personal IP address. Some people think that if your site is hosted and associated with a spammy site on the same IP you can be banned or suffer the effect of Google punishing that other site. First of all […]