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Biggest “Thank You” Page Mistake »

What happens when your customers place an order on your website? Let me guess. Your “Thank You” page displays an order number and a brief note thanking that person for their order. I am guessing that’s it. Well here is where you’re missing out on extra profits. You just got someone to open up their […]

Mistakes I’ve Made With my Blog in the First 30 Days »

Do you ever wish you could go back and fix things that you’ve done wrong to your blog? Well, for many bloggers, this is a great chance to see where you might have went wrong. It’s also excellent for future blogers thinking about running their own blog. A great post has been started at the ProBlogger […]

Top 10 Landing Page Mistakes Website Owners Make Today »

Yes, we’re all fans of the “top 10″ lists. Here is a list of top 10 landing page mistakes marketers and business owners make and how to avoid them. 1. Not Showing Your Action Points Above and Below the Fold Hopefully you are clearly showing your visitors what action (action point) you want them to […]

(UPDATED) Will the New Google PPC Landing Page Algorithm Really Affect Your Campaign? »

Word on the “street” is that Googles’ new PPC landing page algorithm is more targeted towards those spamy sites giving you hundreds of links to other sites. This is somewhat true. After running through keywords we target, I’ve noticed that those keywords that we target but never use on the site fell by more than 8 […]

Book Review: Positioning by Al Reis and Jack Trout »

Buy it at Amazon This is an excellent book for marketers to read. I’d even “position” this book as one of the best marketing books out there. Today, when there is so much “fluff” out there and things being repeated and re-sold in books, you come to realize how much you appreciate a fresh thought. […]

What do Your Affiliates Want & How to Attract More of Them. »

Did you know that 9-40% of typical online merchants’ sales come from the affiliate program, yet many ignore to perfect it. Could it be that we don’t want to spend too much time on affiliates or maybe we just don’t know how to? Companies think that if you apply the same “marketing” approach to affiliates, […]

Who Needs Branding Anyway? »

If your product is not “main stream” do you really need branding or are we using “branding” as an excuse for money wasted on non-performing ads and strategies? Look … I am a fan of branding and I think it’s an amazing art and science to accomplish what big brands have accomplished, but not all […]

Want a Clear & Fresh Look at Your Marketing Creative? Industry Box Exercise for Marketers. »

Have you noticed that it’s much easier to critique and make suggestions to the marketing projects of someone else’s creative than your own? Problem is … when we spend too much time working within our industry, it’s difficult to get out of the box and get a fresh look at our marketing creative. No it’s […]

How Making Mistakes in Your Business Creative Can Add to Your Bottom Line. »

I am not a fan of motivation speeches “Make mistakes, strive harder, work hard, if you fail it’s great…” This post is not about that! What I mean when I say make mistakes is … if you are doing some sort of advertising, you’re using your educated opinion and knowledge in marketing to structure the […]

Trying to Brand Your Business? Use The “1 Image Rule” »

Have you noticed that most companies use multiple images on their advertising materials, website, billboards, etc? No, that’s not the “1 Image Rule”. It’s what I call … “Confuse the sh*t out of a prospect” strategy. Here is what I am talking about… When we use images on our websites or other marketing driving channels […]