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Tracking Conversion Rate of Your … ? Over 80% of Small Businesses Don’t. »

What am I talking about? Hopefully you know that tracking the conversion rate of your website is a good idea, but what about your sales operators who pick up the phone and actually speak to a live person? I am amazed how this aspect is overlooked by business owners. I mean, you sit there and […]

NEW Google AdWords Editor (BETA) for Your PPC Campaign. »

Google offers a pretty OK software to help you create Pay Per Click campaigns. Here is the download link … Since this software is still in BETA, you will most definitely find bugs and things malfunctioning, yet this is a great tool if you need to update your campaigns and ads. For example .. […]

How to Build a Community? – A Part of Your Marketing Strategy »

You heard this before. “Build a community within your business” “Look at what Build-a-Bear-Company did” “Look at the Harley Davidson and their community” “Community equals loyal customers.” I couldn’t agree more, but what are some ways of building a community  in the online world as well as the offline world? Community = bringing people together. […]

Keyword Rich URL for Higher Ranking on Google… Is It Worth It? »

Many people think that having keywords in your website’s URL address can be beneficial to Google rankings. It is “somewhat” true but not in a direct way. Here is what I mean. Google does not look at your URL and tell it’s self … “wow, they got the URL, so let’s rank them high”. So […]

Is the Duplicate Content Penalty a Myth? … How to Play it Safe. »

Popular discussion in the circle of webmasters and marketers is the duplicate content penalty from Google. It all started when SEOs wanted to fool google with repetitive, keyword rich content to rank higher on the Google search engine. Whether duplicate content penalty exists or not there are a few things to consider. Google does not […]

Book Review: All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin »

Great title Seth. The real name of the book would be “All Marketers Are Storytellers”, but it would be a bit boring. I found this book to be unique in it’s content. There was that main idea that consumers buy the story, not the product and this theory applies to many products and services. Just […]

Listen, Educate … Then Sell. »

Listen, educate and then sell. Sounds so simple but why can’t sales people follow this path? I speak to many sales people on a daily basis. Sometimes I need a special software to handle our tasks and sometimes I need services to help out. It’s unfortunate that 9 out of 10 times the sales person […]

Can Affiliate Program Help Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy? »

Many companies started their affiliate programs mainly for the reason to get relevant clean links to help in their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Did it work for them? For some I am sure it did, but when you try to catch two rabbits at the same time, you might just loose both of them. Here is […]

Are You Reading Your Web Analytics Reports Right? Assign a Reason. »

There are hundreds of different reports we can create. We can see who, what, when and how someone navigates the site, but our web analytics won’t tell us WHY. As marketers and “web analytics gurus” we need to figure it out by ourselves using the reports we create. I consulted a company that created about […]

Are You Hiring a Fool to Work For Your Company? »

Most business owners consider themselves to be an entrepreneur material, OR better yet, “Born Entrepreneur” and that’s great, but sometimes this can get in a way of their business when they think they can do it all. I am talking about business owners in the stage of a start up trying to save costs by doing […]