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Is Google AdWords PPC Starting to Follow SEO Model? »

Google announced that they now have added more “things” that play a part in your Pay Per Click ad rank. What is it … ? It’s your landing page. Before, Google would take into consideration 2 things. Your (CPC) cost per click and your CTR (click through rate). Based on those 2 things Google would […]

Buying Links in Directories… Anchor Free? »

Call it what you want ….. “Link building, buying advertising, being out there or simply fooling search engines” …. we buy links in directories for almost the same reason. Link building. But do the rules of good keyword-like anchor text link apply there? I’d say … No. Here is why. Think about it … Google […]

Slava’s SnowShow: We’re All Kids On The Inside. »

Aside from SEO, marketing and business it’s great to remember that there is more to life than that. This weekend I went to the “Slava’s Snowshow” at the Union Square Theater in NYC. First of all … the guy (Slava Polunin – Producer/Creator/Actor) is from the same “mother land as I am originally… Russia / Ukraine” […]

Stop Sending Your Stupid PowerPoint Presentations! »

A bit of a harsh headline but I just had to …. this is important. I just spoke with a sales rep from a “service-based” company that we’re looking to hire for few search / PPC things. Now … I call them up, so that means they already have me on the phone, now is […]

Your PPC Campaign … Is it “Set It And Forget It” Based? »

I hope not. I hope you’re testing your PPC (Pay Per Click) ads with Google and other search engines. I hope you change your bids manually or using some sort of a bidding software. I hope you’re not just leaving your ad for a month and wait for results, measuring only the bottom line. If you […]

Google Following See It’s New AdWords Layout »

There is some talk about Google changing it’s results layout. Here is a quick shot of it Now … my thoughts are that Google might be changing the layout for few reasons. 1) I think people will pay more attention to those paid ads, and thus … more clicks, more money for Google. 2) Maybe Google […]

The Apprentice this Week at EMP »

If you watch The Apprentice, read the latest post here …. and my feedback. You are more than welcome to state your opinion on the last episode.

Google Video Ads? Will You Press “PLAY” ? »

Google announced their new, “Click to Play video ads”. These ads will only be offered for Syndicated ads (content network). Apparently the way it works is … the page will only show a still image with a PLAY button under it. Once you click Play, the video will start and they’ll count it as a […]

Rules For Higher Website Conversion Rate »

It’s really fascinating how the web and e-commerce evolved. Back in the 90s when I started … people were screaming the words of “evolution on the web” … If you build it .. they won’t necessarily come. “You have to advertise and get the traffic to your site”. These days, bigger issue is not the […]

Get The Most Out of Your Referrals – Little Trick »

When are you most happy and thus enthusiastic about a product you bought? Yep …. you’re right if you say “right after the purchase”. If this is a product that you really love or need, you will talk about it with your friends and you’ll share your purchase experience with others. So … why not […]