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Tackling the Phone Order Tracking Problem »

As many online marketers know … phone orders are trackable, BUT we wouldn’t mind not speaking with you and just having you go online and place the order instead of tying up our customer support people and then making us track the order based on the phone number you dialed. What is that simple solution? […]

Pre-Defining Website Path Analysis From a Second Page »

I hear it all the time … “our home page has many different directions where visitors might go and so we can’t structure a pre-defined path route”. I can actually relate to this problem. But how do you go about pre-defining the path and working on achieving it? It’s easy …. start from the second […]

Avinash Kaushik Presentation at ClickTracks Virtual Class »

Well, today I attended the virtual ClickTracks class where Avinash Kaushik was the speaker. As I read his blog every week I made sure to attend and listen to his presentation. Even though the class was presented by ClickTracks, I appreciated the fact that they didn’t solely focus only on themselves. I was happy to […]