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Sign Spinners … Good for Marketing? »

Entrepreneur; In pockets of the country, at city street corners, a curious thing can be seen among the motion of jackhammers, honking of cars and throngs of people passing by: sign spinners. It’s not what it may sound like–that is, a neon or wooden sign, spinning around and around, thanks to an extension cord plugged […]

The Best Way to Shorten the Online Sales Cycle »

Inc; To shorten the online sales cycle, we must bring clarity to our customers. Customers don’t create long sales cycles — salespeople do. The biggest contributor to dragging out the selling cycle is salespeople / websites prematurely presenting solutions to customers who may not believe they have a problem, or even if they had a […]

Dentists are Lousy Marketers »

What this post is about can completely apply to your internet marketing strategy, so read on and don’t jump. Why is it that every time I see a dentist TV ad they have a person sitting in the examiner chair with their mouth wide open and 20 things sticking out of it … oh and […]

13 Tips For Better Sales Letters »

Direct: “One of the most important factors in the success of your direct mail package is your sales letter. In many cases, particularly with small businesses, the sales letter may be the entire package. But given the right list and the right offer, a skillfully crafted sales letter can be all you need to turn […]

Want to Increase Attendance to a Conference? Learn from Incisive Media. »

Ok, this is not a NEW idea that Incisive media implemented but it’s something to know whenever you want people to take big steps (like paying $1,700 for a seminar). People hate big barriers such as high price, long term contracts, commitments (applies to us guys 😉 ), etc. So what do you to lower […]

Interested in Testing for Google Audio Ads? »

Google has announced that they are welcoming advertisers who are interested in trying out Google audio ads that will run on the radio within U.S. What they mentioned is that you have to be a current AdWords advertisers to sign up to this program. I’ve actually received a quote from one of the Google salespeople […]

Choose … Better Product or Better Brand? »

As I was surfing the web I stumbled upon an article talking about branding. What it said was very true about branding; “If you just build a better product, eventually some other company is going to build a better product than yours, and your stock will fall like Motorola’s did. If you build a better […]

How to Get Your Prospects Reading What You Want Read »

This is actually a great trick to get people reading exactly what you want them to notice the most in your web copy, literature, brochure, proposal, etc. People are too busy today to read every word of what you say (especially if they are being sold). If you overdo this little “highlight trick” … it […]

Superbowl 41 Ads … What The Hell Was That? »

Ladies and Gents … when on Monday morning, your co-workers talk about a funny ad but can’t remember the company that ran it … well, that means a company just flushed 2.6 million dollars down the toilet. Lions trying to pronounce a name? Party in the marketing department? KFed working in a fast food joint? […]

80% of Customer Feedback Mailings are Worthless and How to Fix Them »

Yaro Starak wrote a bit about his experience with a merchant who sent him a post-sale customer feedback follow up and I’ve decided to stress a bit on this subject. Mailing a customer after the sale and asking him/her to rate from 1 to 5 their experience is a … “so, so” strategy. It just […]