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Virtual Trade Shows … Take It Online »

Entrepreneur; Virtual trade shows, expos and conventions are coming into their own. While event producers all insist that virtual shows won’t replace real-world shows, there are some decided advantages to attending, hosting or exhibiting at online events. Entrepreneurs save on the costs of travel, booth materials and employees’ lost productivity.

Want to Increase Attendance to a Conference? Learn from Incisive Media. »

Ok, this is not a NEW idea that Incisive media implemented but it’s something to know whenever you want people to take big steps (like paying $1,700 for a seminar). People hate big barriers such as high price, long term contracts, commitments (applies to us guys 😉 ), etc. So what do you to lower […]

Poor Speakers at SES, PubCon and Other Search Marketing Conferences. »

As I attend multiple search marketing related conferences and trade shows (SES, PubCon, etc.) every year, I always take a closer look at the speakers and how they present the information. One might put you to sleep while another gets you going as if you just drank 3 cans of Red Bull (peace of garbage […]

Going to WebmasterWorld PubCon in Vegas Nov 14, 2006! »

Well, I am off to the PubCon show in Vegas from November 14 to 17. This sounds like it’s going to be a great show. I am interested in hearing from familiar faces like Rand Fishkin, Aaron Wall, Lee Odden, Dana Todd, Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, Andy Beal, Christine Churchill, etc. The session grid for […]

Trade Show Disasters »

Every time I attend a trade show I see the same thing, over and over, and over again. …….. Cute Slogans that don’t mean a thing or 15 bullet lists of what the company does. I attended the Search Engines Strategies show in NYC few months ago and can say that it was pretty good. […]