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Get Top Talent With Creative Bonus Pay »

AdvertisingAge; Sharp Companies Will Do More Than Dangle End-of-Year Carrots in Effort to Retain Employees. Salary increases aren’t the only reason why someone stays in or leaves a job. Still, bonuses are much-anticipated additions to regular compensation. In a candidate-driven market, companies that think big, think differently and listen to what their employees want will […]

Quick Test … Ask The Employees »

Would you like to know how “healthy” a company is? Do you want to do a quick test of how good your customer support / sales people are? All you need to do is ask them a simple question that many of your prospects ask. “How are you different from the competition?” What … can’t […]

Limited Availability Marketing »

Exclusive, VIP, limited availability … what do these things have in common? A “special” tag. Why do people want something that no one else has? There are many reasons and one of them is that it makes people feel special as well as once again, a part of community if what they belong to is limited access […]

What Kind of a Sales Person Will Shine Tomorrow ? »

We hear it all the time … “looking for AGGRESSIVE sales people”, but is that what works now? Will it work tomorrow? What approach should a sales person take in order to sell more than others? Should he/she be passive or active? What kind of a persona will win the sale? I can say that […]