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“Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company” »

Look at the title of this post. That’s exactly what I heard today on the phone before a guy made his pitch to become our SEM/SEO provider. Tell me … how bad does the industry get to have people start their pitch with “Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company”?

Upcoming Change to the AdWords Top 3 PPC Placements »

Google is making a little change to their way of ranking the top 3 PPC positions within their AdWords system. Here is what they say; “The key change to the formula will be how we consider price. Today’s formula considers an ad’s Quality Score and actual cost-per-click (CPC). The improved formula will still heavily weight […]

Keyword Advertising Users Search for Legal Antidote »

Kiplinger; Search engine providers (such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and market leader Google) offer Internet advertisers exceptional targeting capabilities through the sale of advertising space linked to “keywords.” An advertiser that purchases keyword-linked ad space gets to display its advertisements adjacent to the results the search engine generates when a consumer searches for a particular keyword. […]

Google AdWords Yellow Background … Disaster for PPC. »

And so Google AdWords is testing yellow background for paid ads in their search results. Quite a few marketers are happy about it but I find my self saying … “this will lower the CTR”. Quite a few agree; “Definitely , the light yellow background will help searcher to recognize sponsored results than organic results.” […]

How PPC Ads Influence Website Conversion »

When marketers talk about great PPC ad copy, they often refer to a high CTR (click through rate). Usually it’s a pretty valid indicator of an eye catching ad. Unfortunately many think that getting people to click on the PPC ad and getting them to convert to a sale are completely separate targets. You’ll be […]

My Prayers Have Been Answered by The AdWords Team »

Remember looking at your web analytics and seeing higher bounce rate from visitors coming out of Google content network? Ever wanted to know exactly who these “partner” / “relevant” sites are? Well …. soon you could find out. Google will show the content referrers thus allowing you to get rid of those 95% bounce rate […]

Google AdWords Adds “Hide Column” Feature »

Google just implemented a new feature for your Adwords management system. Now when viewing the report of clicks, $ spent, etc you have the ability to hide certain fields you don’t want to see such as … “Status”, “Conv Rate”, etc. I actually don’t see my self removing any of those columns from the report. […]

Landing Pages by Customer’s State of Knowledge »

I wrote before about creating landing pages completely focused on the use of words that your customers use. I’ve also stressed about using landing paths instead of landing pages and now I’ll talk about landing page by customer’s state of knowledge. Your every website visitor is different and unique even though it might be the […]

17 Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make »

As I manage quite a few PPC campaigns I always notice the silly and sometimes not so silly mistakes that advertisers make with their PPC programs. Mistakes when creating PPC ads, click fraud detection, and lack of testing are just a few of them. Fixing each of these mistakes could mean an extra 70% of […]

Google Implements a New Customer Feedback Form for Ranking WebSites? »

As I was doing my regular (track orders) reports I’ve clicked through a URL to see our company’s Order Thank you page (the one customers see when they hit SUBMIT at the end of their order process). To my surprise what I saw was a little visual line of text on the bottom of the […]