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Is Your Hosting Damaging Your Reputation with Google? … Shared IPs Tool »

There was an interesting post on Jim Boykin blog about hosting your website on a unique personal IP address. Some people think that if your site is hosted and associated with a spammy site on the same IP you can be banned or suffer the effect of Google punishing that other site. First of all […]

NEW Google AdWords Editor (BETA) for Your PPC Campaign. »

Google offers a pretty OK software to help you create Pay Per Click campaigns. Here is the download link … Since this software is still in BETA, you will most definitely find bugs and things malfunctioning, yet this is a great tool if you need to update your campaigns and ads. For example .. […]

I’m Morally Obligated To Show You This Huge “Blog Resource” Page! »

Ok… once again, I am not a fan of linking out, BUT if you have a blog you need to see this page. Blog Resources page.

Yahoo Mindset: Cool Tool – See What Yahoo Thinks Of Your Site. »

Maybe you know this little tool, but maybe you don’t. What it does is, it shows you how Yahoo considers your site in the rankings. This can be a fun tool, but I already see how it can be a good SEO tool. Do a search for your keywords and then move the bar […]