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Maximize Online Leads With These 5 Pointers »

DMNews; Some consumer-oriented companies and the majority of business-to-business firms don’t actually sell products or services online. Rather, their Web sites are designed to educate, differentiate, build relationships and foster interaction. In short, the vast majority of these sites are intended to generate inquiries and leads. The ultimate goal — a sale — likely occurs […]

Direct Mail Influence on Website Sales »

DMNews; Direct mail recipients are nearly twice as likely to purchase form a retail Web site as those who receive just an Internet communication, according to comScore’s 2007 Multichannel Direct Mail Study. In addition, when that mail piece is a catalog, the results were even better, as more than two-thirds of shoppers then visited the […]

It’s All about the Landing Page, Baby »

Direct; “Prospective parents are accustomed to lots of tests: for the health of the baby, for its gender, and for the mother’s wellness. And so when, a content site aimed at parents-to-be, wanted to optimize to drive search traffic, it took a leaf from that baby book and did some testing of its own. […]

19 Tips to Increase the Website Conversion Rate »

Increasing your website’s conversion rate should be your top priority. Reason being that every visitor who comes to your site has been paid for by your marketing ad dollar. So what can you do today to increase your website conversion rate? I have 19 tips. 1. Be Relevant = when people land on your website […]

Community Equals Higher Website Conversion Rate »

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We want to get on the “community” boat and have a part in building the thing that’s bigger than us. Even when we prefer to join a smaller group, we like it for it’s exclusivity and yet we work to make it bigger and […]

Constant Communication Equals Higher Sale Conversion »

Constant communication with current customers is the gold mine that many companies do not take advantage of. They do their sale and move on to find new customers. No … I will not stress on how important and easy it is to sell to your current customers compared to new ones, …. I guess I […]

How PPC Ads Influence Website Conversion »

When marketers talk about great PPC ad copy, they often refer to a high CTR (click through rate). Usually it’s a pretty valid indicator of an eye catching ad. Unfortunately many think that getting people to click on the PPC ad and getting them to convert to a sale are completely separate targets. You’ll be […]

The Power of a “?” Mark for Higher Website Conversion »

When writing web copy for your website, it is usually assumed that whatever you write … your visitors will understand. I mean we’re writing in English right? If our bullet point says “30 day money back guarantee” every one understands it and shouldn’t have any more questions? Right? Wrong my friend, wrong! Even a silly […]

Increased Website Text Size Results in Longer Visits »

I would not consider myself a “blind man” or a senior who needs the text size to be set at 24 points. Yet, I see that website owners forget that it’s a pain in the a** to read web copy … especially if it’s in small text size. One of the websites I manage sells […]

Can Your Website Influence Your Visitors to Buy? »

There is a way to influence consumers online … particularly on your e-commerce website. There are in fact quite a few e-commerce websites that implement such tactics, problem is … many other companies don’t. Here are the “tricks”… Some of the things you can add to your site to influence your visitor is … quantity of a certain product sold […]