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Web Usability ….. People are Blind »

     I smile when someone asks me “why do we need to repeat our marketing message more than once?” My response is … people are blind and forgetful as well. We see every element on our websites because we placed it there. Website visitors however don’t. If it’s important to make a sale … repeat it twice, […]

“Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company” »

Look at the title of this post. That’s exactly what I heard today on the phone before a guy made his pitch to become our SEM/SEO provider. Tell me … how bad does the industry get to have people start their pitch with “Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company”?

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Business Standout »

Entrepreneur; “Standing out from the crowd is your key to success, but it can be difficult on the crowded internet. The following entrepreneurs use a variety of ways to rise above the noise. 1. Packaging:, an Orlando, Florida, scrapbooking supplier, uses customized Priority Mail boxes from the U.S. Postal Service that are specially branded […]

Maximize Online Leads With These 5 Pointers »

DMNews; Some consumer-oriented companies and the majority of business-to-business firms don’t actually sell products or services online. Rather, their Web sites are designed to educate, differentiate, build relationships and foster interaction. In short, the vast majority of these sites are intended to generate inquiries and leads. The ultimate goal — a sale — likely occurs […]

12 Sites for Promoting Your Local Business »

Entrepreneur; Want to get your name out to locals and visitors alike? Take advantage of these online marketing sites and watch your business grow. The advertising of the future is going online–and going local. There’s no question that consumers are using the internet to navigate their way to local brick-and-mortar retailers. A recent study by […]

Top Bloggers List Job Listings For Cash »

MSNBC; Some high-profile bloggers are beginning to include job listings on their web sites to draw readers in and generate extra cash in a further sign that the handful of blogs that attract the biggest online audiences are starting to behave more like mainstream media outlets. While employers have long sought out job candidates on […]

Market Your Website Before the Holidays »

ManageSmarter; “Summer is a great season. Vacations, long days and warm nights inspire feelings of happiness and the subsequent memories sustain Northerners during the cold and dark winters. It is so tempting to turn off not only your Blackberry but your attention to marketing. Nobody does anything until after Labor Day anyway, right? Wrong. While […]

Does Your Success Depend on a Domain Name? »

BusinessWeek; “Startups scrambling for domain names—the shorter and catchier, the better—find themselves in negotiations with owners of desirable Web addresses Andrew Frame had several criteria for the name of his VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) startup. It had to be universally pronounceable, memorable, and short—ideally, no more than four letters and two syllables. Of course, […]

Virtual Trade Shows … Take It Online »

Entrepreneur; Virtual trade shows, expos and conventions are coming into their own. While event producers all insist that virtual shows won’t replace real-world shows, there are some decided advantages to attending, hosting or exhibiting at online events. Entrepreneurs save on the costs of travel, booth materials and employees’ lost productivity.

Community Equals Higher Website Conversion Rate »

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We want to get on the “community” boat and have a part in building the thing that’s bigger than us. Even when we prefer to join a smaller group, we like it for it’s exclusivity and yet we work to make it bigger and […]