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Let Customers Know Exactly Why They Need Your Business »

Entrepreneur; “You know your product is the best around, but if you’re not selling obvious necessities, your customers will need some education on why they need your product or service. “Marketing really is an education process,? says Michael J. Makropoulos, managing partner at Ntrinsic Inc., a strategic marketing firm in Atlanta. You might educate consumers […]

E-Commerce Consumer Study, Highlights Customer Service as Profitability Margin »

An international survey of more than 4,300 consumers, found that 23 percent considered their customer service experience ”significantly better,” and an additional 38 percent felt it was ”somewhat better” while only 12 percent thought it was worse. According to the survey, over 61 percent of consumers see call centers as doing a better job than […]

Constant Communication Equals Higher Sale Conversion »

Constant communication with current customers is the gold mine that many companies do not take advantage of. They do their sale and move on to find new customers. No … I will not stress on how important and easy it is to sell to your current customers compared to new ones, …. I guess I […]

Gutsy Moves by AirTran Airlines »

Customer is always right? Right? Not in my book. And certainly not in AirTran’s. The Consumerist ran a story yesterday about AirTran removing a screaming toddler with her parents off the airplane. Apparently these parents could not control their kid who was screaming and violently behaving towards them. AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said, ” [The […]

Quick Test … Ask The Employees »

Would you like to know how “healthy” a company is? Do you want to do a quick test of how good your customer support / sales people are? All you need to do is ask them a simple question that many of your prospects ask. “How are you different from the competition?” What … can’t […]

Internal Marketing and How it Can Screw Your Business Over »

When businesses structure their marketing strategy they look into the channels of advertising, production and all the other elements that go into forming a profitable company. Many times we focus so much on our external marketing strategies that we forget about the internal ones. When creating brochures, a website or an information packet, we sit for hours […]

80% of Customer Feedback Mailings are Worthless and How to Fix Them »

Yaro Starak wrote a bit about his experience with a merchant who sent him a post-sale customer feedback follow up and I’ve decided to stress a bit on this subject. Mailing a customer after the sale and asking him/her to rate from 1 to 5 their experience is a … “so, so” strategy. It just […]

How to Turn Your Angry Customer into an Evangelist with One E-mail Letter »

I noticed that every time something bad happens (customer service problems) it becomes an opportunity to 1) fix the mistake and not make it again and 2) turn the situation around and make that unsatisfied customer into a loyal evangelist. How do we do it? I’ll get to it in a second. Since in my […]

Why SEO Companies Are Underpaid and What They Can Do About It. »

Even though a few well-known SEO companies get paid a nice fee of $10K+/month making on average about $120,000/+annually per client, most SEO companies and consultants are undervalued. So why is it that businesses are willing to pay Google PPC over $40K/mo but when it comes to SEO they run from $5,000/mo quote? Why are […]

Start With The Negative Marketing to Close the Sale »

Think about it. What do you do when a company sales pitch starts with……… “We are the leaders in our market, we have big accounts, we service Fortune 500 clients, we are the best, our customer support is the best…” I usually stop a sales person and say “I do not care about other companies […]