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How a Businessman Parked his Rolls-Royce in NYC Garage for $15.40 per Week »

This is not so much about marketing, rather fun and witty post. Keeping it light today. Before going to Europe on a business trip, a man drove his Rolls-Royce to a downtown New York City bank and went in to ask for an immediate loan of $5,000. The loan officer, taken aback, requested collateral and […]

SEO Jokes. »

As I was driving to get some food today I listened to an old recording of Daily search cast with Danny Sullivan. Few SEO jokes were told there and I decided to share them with you. It’s Friday you know? 1) When your son asks you if he could play in the Google sand box […]

I Tell You, War in Iraq IS Justified ! (Casual Friday Post) »

Ok War in Iraq … time for “free topic”. Many will agree with this post, many will disagree, many will post positive comments and many will hate me. What a world we live in. Is it justified? I’ll get to the real answer in a bit but first… How does someone decide that a war […]

Casual Friday Post: George W. Bush Confronting His Impersonator Funny Video »

Well, it’s Friday again and as you know I use this day to kind of get away from marketing and post something funny or controversial. If you’re a person who enjoys humor you MUST see this video with George W. Bush. Make sure you have sound and relax for about 18 minutes. Good weekend.

When Marketing and Politics Don’t Mix. Seth Godin out of line. »

It’s Friday and I’ll allow myself to post something like this… Ok … I am a fan of Seth Godin and I do read his marketing books. Interesting guy to listen to. But what happens when we mix marketing with politics, religion, race, etc? It can get you into hot waters. When Seth was interviewed […]