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“Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company” »

Look at the title of this post. That’s exactly what I heard today on the phone before a guy made his pitch to become our SEM/SEO provider. Tell me … how bad does the industry get to have people start their pitch with “Hello, We’re an Ethical SEM Company”?

Get Top Talent With Creative Bonus Pay »

AdvertisingAge; Sharp Companies Will Do More Than Dangle End-of-Year Carrots in Effort to Retain Employees. Salary increases aren’t the only reason why someone stays in or leaves a job. Still, bonuses are much-anticipated additions to regular compensation. In a candidate-driven market, companies that think big, think differently and listen to what their employees want will […]

12 People You Know Say that M.B.A. Degree is Overrated. »

InsideCRM; “Most business schools would love for you to believe that an M.B.A. is the ticket to huge paychecks and unlimited career growth. However, a large number of businesspeople have achieved success without a business school’s stamp of approval. In fact, BusinessWeek reports that fewer than one of three executives who reach upper- echelon positions […]

Observation: 7 Characteristics of Successful (RICH) People »

Ok … quick and fun post about successful business people. No I have not studied 300 CEOs. This is just from my own experience meeting people who have made it big in the business world. Here we go. 1. Love what they do – it’s a bit of a cliche but this is what makes […]

How a Businessman Parked his Rolls-Royce in NYC Garage for $15.40 per Week »

This is not so much about marketing, rather fun and witty post. Keeping it light today. Before going to Europe on a business trip, a man drove his Rolls-Royce to a downtown New York City bank and went in to ask for an immediate loan of $5,000. The loan officer, taken aback, requested collateral and […]

Branding With Blogs – The Marriott Way »

Recently I was pointed to a new blog “Marriott on the move”, started by the CEO of Marriott Properties, Bill Marriott. What amazed me most is not only the fact that Mr. Marriott is a 74 year old “blogger” (no pun intended), but also that he understands the value of blogs and a two way […]

Gutsy Moves by AirTran Airlines »

Customer is always right? Right? Not in my book. And certainly not in AirTran’s. The Consumerist ran a story yesterday about AirTran removing a screaming toddler with her parents off the airplane. Apparently these parents could not control their kid who was screaming and violently behaving towards them. AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said, ” [The […]

Need a Business Idea? Pick One Here for Free »

If you’re looking for that 1 good business idea that will take you to owning a multimillion dollar company, you might want to take a look at this website. What you’ll find there is people (dreamers who can’t execute the idea) who share their business ideas free of charge. No, I don’t think you’ll find […]

Internal Marketing and How it Can Screw Your Business Over »

When businesses structure their marketing strategy they look into the channels of advertising, production and all the other elements that go into forming a profitable company. Many times we focus so much on our external marketing strategies that we forget about the internal ones. When creating brochures, a website or an information packet, we sit for hours […]

Company Transparency Equals Customer Evangelism »

Back in the old days, companies were definitely more secretive of their goals, objectives, and especially financial data than they are today. What has changed over the years is that they finally started to understand that transparency equals customer loyalty. In the recent weeks, few bloggers such as Rand from SEOMoz gave away his entire […]