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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Business Standout »

Entrepreneur; “Standing out from the crowd is your key to success, but it can be difficult on the crowded internet. The following entrepreneurs use a variety of ways to rise above the noise. 1. Packaging:, an Orlando, Florida, scrapbooking supplier, uses customized Priority Mail boxes from the U.S. Postal Service that are specially branded […]

The New Social Shopping Trend Can Help You Build Buzz »

Entrepreneur; “With the vast majority of Americans researching products on the internet before they purchase them in stores or on the web, it’s no surprise that a whole new form of shopping is emerging. “Social shopping? is the intriguing offspring of social networking and online shopping, and it can offer your growing business just the […]

Choose … Better Product or Better Brand? »

As I was surfing the web I stumbled upon an article talking about branding. What it said was very true about branding; “If you just build a better product, eventually some other company is going to build a better product than yours, and your stock will fall like Motorola’s did. If you build a better […]

Superbowl 41 Ads … What The Hell Was That? »

Ladies and Gents … when on Monday morning, your co-workers talk about a funny ad but can’t remember the company that ran it … well, that means a company just flushed 2.6 million dollars down the toilet. Lions trying to pronounce a name? Party in the marketing department? KFed working in a fast food joint? […]

Branding With Blogs – The Marriott Way »

Recently I was pointed to a new blog “Marriott on the move”, started by the CEO of Marriott Properties, Bill Marriott. What amazed me most is not only the fact that Mr. Marriott is a 74 year old “blogger” (no pun intended), but also that he understands the value of blogs and a two way […]

Why YouTube is Huge and What Your Business Can Learn From It. »

The reason why YouTube, Wikipedia, and other user generated content sites are big is because of the elements contained in them. These elements can be implemented in your own business tomorrow. Here they are… Element number one is … user generated. (Example: YouTube, Wikipedia.) Would you break something that you have created? Would you say […]

False Marketing Perception of Getting to be #1 in Your Industry »

“Look at what the competitors are doing, do these things better and you’ll win the #1 spot” That’s the strategy that many companies have when they start competing. They get a list of 20 competitors, draw a marketing comparison chart and work on every point to be better at it. Heck, why not even place […]

Seth Godin on Google Video »

I found this Seth Godin Google video you might really enjoy watching. It’s not old … Feb 2006 and he talks a lot about marketing, google and permission marketing.

What the Heck is Aflac? Commercial Disasters »

Tell me … why do creative people who come up with ideas for commercials think that their main objective is to make the audience laugh? Tell me if I am wrong, but isn’t the main objective of an ad / commercial is to either sell a product or increase brand awareness? Yea, I know … […]

Who Needs Branding Anyway? »

If your product is not “main stream” do you really need branding or are we using “branding” as an excuse for money wasted on non-performing ads and strategies? Look … I am a fan of branding and I think it’s an amazing art and science to accomplish what big brands have accomplished, but not all […]