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Love Blogging but Hate Typing? Alan Levy has just the thing for you. »

About two years ago, Alan Levy received the devastating news that his father’s cancer had returned for the third time. As a way to keep his family and friends updated, Levy, 49, decided to start a blog. Levy was blown away by the size of the blogging community, which immediately got him thinking about better […]

Top Bloggers List Job Listings For Cash »

MSNBC; Some high-profile bloggers are beginning to include job listings on their web sites to draw readers in and generate extra cash in a further sign that the handful of blogs that attract the biggest online audiences are starting to behave more like mainstream media outlets. While employers have long sought out job candidates on […]

Hey Marketer, Who Is In That Chair Across From You? »

Whether you are creating an ad, direct mail copy, or writing a blog post, the fastest way to screw up your message is to forget who you’re trying to target. The best strategy for creating a targeted message is to imagine your target prospect in the chair right across from you. What would you tell […]

.EDU Links from Professor Bloggers »

This is something I wanted to share with you “my reader”. As you know, .EDU links (from relevant websites) add a lot of value to your website. Well, did you know that there are a lot of college professors who blog under their college website sub directories? And yes, they are …. .EDU Target professors […]

BizMord Article “Promoted” to SEOMoz Blog from YOUMoz »

Well it’s nice to see my picture with my article being placed on SEOMoz blog. I originally submitted that article about PPC mistakes to YOUMoz and in couple of days the “mozers” decided to move it to their main blog. I believe my article is the first one to get that “honor” Do I sound […]

Differentiating is Only the Start to a Successful Blog »

I’ve been meaning to write a post about blogging and how to create a successful blog some time ago. Just like a real “Blogaholic” I started this post a few weeks ago and had it waiting to be finished (or continued) with another 29 of other posts collecting dust in my WordPress drafts. What made […]

21 Signs That You’re a Blogaholic »

Ok … here is a list that will tell you if you’re a Blogaholic. Just a fun post before we get back to business. So … 21 signs you’re a blogaholic. 1. You’re thinking about naming your kids “Blog” and “Blogriss” 2. At least once, during “intercourse”, you thought about a good blog topic 3. […]

The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Igor Mordkovich »

I am guessing you’ve seen this Tag game going on around online bloggers. One blogger started it off where he would say 5 things no one knew about him and then tag 5 more people to follow the chain. There are now about 50+ bloggers who’ve followed this thing and wrote about themselves. You know […]

Search Blog and Reporter Forum Session at PubCon Vegas 2007 »

Moderated by Todd Friesen. This session was pretty much a Q&A or should I say … reunion with the bloggers online marketers read on a daily basis. I’ll just put a list of good suggestions from them. Andy Beal of suggested writing your content using a unique and maybe a bit gutsy language to […]

Announcing … BizMord Website Critique »

What I have decided to do is a weekly website critique on the BizMord blog. The websites I’ll review will be the ones I find or you can just e-mail me a site you want to be reviewed. Things I’ll be focusing on is Usability, Marketing message, Design, Simplicity, Copy, etc. I welcome additional comments […]