Biggest “Thank You” Page Mistake

What happens when your customers place an order on your website? Let me guess. Your “Thank You” page displays an order number and a brief note thanking that person for their order. I am guessing that’s it.

Well here is where you’re missing out on extra profits.

You just got someone to open up their wallet and pay you. At that moment when they see your thank you page, they are as focused and as receptive as ever. They are listening and reading every word you write there because you have their personal information.

Few things you can do on your “Thank you” page.

  1. How about displaying other items that your customer might be interested in buying? (The only trick here is that people are afraid to mess up their order so what you need to do is on that thank you page, let them know how the new items will be added to their order.) “Add these items to your cart and click (ADD TO ORDER) within the next hour and we’ll ship them together”
  2. If you don’t want to sell them more stuff, how about doing a Joint Venture with a company that services the same target market (but different product). On your thank you page, you can recommend them to your customers and that other company can do the same for you.
  3. Another thing you can do is … educate them more about your product or company. For example … if you notice that a certain page on your website has a great influence towards a sale (how to info, comparison charts…) why not show links to those pages?

Whatever you do, do not let your Thank You page simply tell people to click on the X that’s on the top right corner of the browser. When there are on your Thank you page, your customers are most receptive … don’t miss out.

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