19 Tips to Increase the Website Conversion Rate

Increasing your website’s conversion rate should be your top priority. Reason being that every visitor who comes to your site has been paid for by your marketing ad dollar. So what can you do today to increase your website conversion rate?

I have 19 tips.

1. Be Relevant = when people land on your website they are most likely looking for something. They’ll convert … if you give them what they want. In their head they have keywords they want to see on your site to make sure they are at the right place. Be sure to let your visitor know ASAP that they are at the right place. Use the words your visitor is looking for.

2. Take the Risk Away = Let your visitor know how confident you are in what you sell. Offer those 30 day trials, risk free guarantees, “we’ll pay you to try our product”, etc. If you know that your product / service is good, you shouldn’t be worried about making customer satisfaction guarantees. This has proven to be a good element to increase the conversion rate.

3. Motivation / Push = Even when you sell what your visitor is looking for, you have to persuade and push for the sale. Therefore, your website needs to motivate and encourage your visitor to buy … buy today. Present a problem that your product cures. Tell your visitor again how their lives will be better with your product or service. Tell them again, why they need what you sell.

4. Do a Special = People like to take advantage of special offers, seasonal discounts, discounts that they can get because they are a part of some other group. Winter sales, holiday sales, mother’s day free gift, discount for people who used Google search (your website can identify those visitors). Use your imagination to convert the visitor better and faster.

5. Easy Check Out = OK … people ARE lazy even when they shop online. Your check out process should be as simple and as short as possible. Don’t ask irrelevant questions in your check out process. DO NOT ask people to register before they can buy. DO NOT make people jump barriers to place an order. Emphasize on your website how easy and quick it is to order!

6. When Will I Get It? = Tell your customers when the product will arrive. This is one of the most asked question from online website shoppers. Let them know the shipping carrier you’re using and how long it will take. DO NOT say 2 to 10 days. Look at Amazon … they promise to have the item in your home in 2 days and then there is a link for more info where they offer you a 2 day shipping option for extra $. This works!

7. Can I Trust You? = Use seals. People believe the BBB, Hacker Safe, etc. seals. Got positive ratings from customers or shopping network (Pricegrabber, NextTag, etc) ? Be sure to display them.

8. Am I Getting the Best Deal? = If you can do the “We’ll match any price from our competitors“, this could be a good line to increase the conversion rate on your website. Some people might want to start researching your competitors but many might just believe that you have competitive prices. Test this!

9. Where is Your # ? = When people buy online, they want to be sure that your company is real and that you are more than a cute website. Be sure to show your 800 number. I’d also try to show the physical address of the company (even if it’s your home address).

10. Tell People What to Do = It’s simple … show them the action you want your visitor to take. Want them to buy? Be sure to show the BUY button. Want them to sign up to a newsletter? Well … show that form and ask people to sign up (convert). Main point is … when someone lands on your website, they should clearly see the action they can take.

11. Font Size for Conversions = I’ve written before about how increasing the font size results in longer stay and higher conversion rate on your web site. Longer visits equal better conversion (most of the time). Increase that font size. Don’t try to be cute. Think usability.

12. Pictures = It’s so funny and sad when I see a website that sells a product that appeals on it’s beauty and yet the picture they’re using is so horrible it looks as if it was taken with a disposable camera. If what you sell is something that needs to look good, make it a priority to present it well (visually).

13. USP = Unique Selling Proposition. It’s not easy, BUT, if you can identify 1 thing that makes you better than your competitors and then emphasize it on your website … you’re all set. (Great customer service is NOT a USP). Examples: Avis … we’re #2, we try harder. Dominoes … hot, fresh pizza in 30 min or we’ll pay for it. Brainstorm!

14. Single Column Layout = Again, think usability, not cuteness. 1 column layout has proven (for many websites) to work better as it does not confuse your visitor by making him/her choose which column to read first. Things must flow on the website.

15. Bullet points = People skim through web pages (when they are lazy or in a hurry). Since not every one is going to read every word you write, they’ll surely stop by your 3-7 bullet point lists. Be sure to write only the most important things in them. How about a list of “Why they should buy from you” ? Not only does it communicates important information it also breaks up the copy a bit to make it easier to read and ultimately convert.

16. Audio / Video = Today most computers are fast enough to load video and audio quicker than they could 5 years ago. People actually enjoy a little of multimedia (at their own request … don’t do those auto start videos). Be sure to take advantage of the technology in order to present whatever it is you want. Example: How the product works, testimonials, tutorials, presentations, etc.

17. Enlarged Photos = This is a simple one. Let people see a close up of the product. This is a must for clothing, accessories, and many other categories.

18. Payment Options = I’d be sure to accept all methods of payment that my customer prefers. Just make it easy for them to purchase from you … that’s all.

19. Return Policy? = What if I don’t like the product? Can I return it? Every online customer is concerned with this. Do not ignore this issue. Make a prominent link on your website if you have a return policy. Stress on it during the check out process and your conversion rate will increase.

There are many more suggestions that would help increase your website’s conversion rate. Sam Decker points out a few more good tips that start with a question. My last suggestion for now is that you analyze your web statistics and see what it is that your visitor wants.

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9 Comment(s)

  1. That was a great insight on business development, I have been facing some major issues with conversions. My GoStatsreports show 1000 unique visitors a day, but hardly any sales.
    These points could definitely help.
    Thanks again.

    Ayush | Aug 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. Good post Igor! A lot of good tips here worth noting and following through on. Hey, did you re-design your blog? Looks good!

    Stoney deGeyter | Aug 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey Stoney,

    Yes, needed a face lift :-)

    Igor Mordkovich | Aug 2, 2007 | Reply

  4. Yeah, mine too! Bad.

    Stoney deGeyter | Aug 3, 2007 | Reply

  5. Igor,

    Great tips. I believe that implementing them on any site can help improve conversion rates. Would you agree that being relevant is the most essential element to creating a successful site?

    Khalid Hajsaleh | Aug 9, 2007 | Reply

  6. Khalid ….. yes it is one of the MOST important elements. That’s where the high bounce rate comes from.

    Igor Mordkovich | Aug 10, 2007 | Reply

  7. Khalid, I’m sure whether or not someone thinks being relevant is the most essential is very subjective. But Igor’s right, even if it’s not THE most important, it is one of them.

    Patrick Burt | Aug 16, 2007 | Reply

  8. drop by, nice article, nice blog!

    Kate | Jul 22, 2009 | Reply

  9. Item number 7 had to deal w/ trust, but it didn’t specifically mention testimonials. While they could certainly be part of a “client rating”, as you suggested, a good testimonial (celebrity, authority or other source) can go a long way to convincing people to buy from you.

    Place close to the call to action, these can be quite effective.

    Great recommendations all around.

    Cory Howell | Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

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