Want to Increase Attendance to a Conference? Learn from Incisive Media.

Ok, this is not a NEW idea that Incisive media implemented but it’s something to know whenever you want people to take big steps (like paying $1,700 for a seminar).

People hate big barriers such as high price, long term contracts, commitments (applies to us guys 😉 ), etc. So what do you to lower those barriers?

Well, Incisive is doing a teleconference, oh and it’s free. (I wonder why) The strategy here is to attract people who are not avid conference goers or those who are a bit skeptic about paying $1,700 for a seminar.

During this call there will most likely be some good information but the strategy will be to get people motivated to attend the SES show in NYC this April. (By the way …. I’ll be there)

Weather you want to sell seats to a conference, get people to buy high ticket item or commit to something …. give them a smaller barrier to jump over. (Getting them to pick up the phone and call for a free, 1 hour, no obligations teleconference is easier than making them take out their wallet and fork over $1,700)

P.S. I know that if I write longer blog posts they will most likely rank higher in search engines but I hate to waste time.

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