Increased Website Text Size Results in Longer Visits

I would not consider myself a “blind man” or a senior who needs the text size to be set at 24 points. Yet, I see that website owners forget that it’s a pain in the a** to read web copy … especially if it’s in small text size.

One of the websites I manage sells to seniors and their caregivers. When we launched the website the text size we used was 11 in Arial font. Changing the font size to 13 (duh) and testing this theory in a A/B split test proved that people spent more time browsing the web with the larger font.

You don’t have to sell to seniors to increase your font size. I am a young guy who reads quite a few blogs every other day. 30 minutes into the reading and my eyes are popping out. Why do blogs use smaller font size??? Are they trying to fit everything into one page or make their posts seem fancy?

When I started this blog, the template had a pre-set font size of 10. Quick change to 12 made my day.

Look into your website or a blog. Is it easy to read? Today about 70% or more website visitors have a screen resolution set at over 1000 by 700. Try doing an A/B test with increased text size. You just might notice that the length of the visit has increased.

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  1. AMEN!! FINALLY someone else gets it. Everyone thinks they’re so fancy and cute with their tiny text… I use Firefox’s text zoom feature and end up breaking their site layout. Wish I could understand their motives…

    earls | Feb 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Earls … I do the same “CTRL” and “+”

    Igor Mordkovich | Feb 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. Personally I like small fonts, but a website isn’t about what I like, its about what the readers want. But dang! large fonts do screw with the layout. But one of the best solutions for that is creating proportional fonts that can be changed by the user. Every site should do that but many don’t.

    Stoney deGeyter | Feb 21, 2007 | Reply

  4. “Why do blogs use smaller font size??? Are they trying to fit everything into one page or make their posts seem fancy?”

    Igor, it’s usually the theme problem and the fact that most bloggers are not CSS-savvy. So, we pick the theme we like (and this is not an easy task, if you ask me), and then we’re stuck with whatever font the designer picked. Mine is 10pt. And I was thinking that it’s not such a good idea. Thank you for conforming this. I am going to change it ASAP.

    Rita | Sep 27, 2008 | Reply

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