Google Video Ads? Will You Press “PLAY” ?

Google announced their new, “Click to Play video ads”. These ads will only be offered for Syndicated ads (content network). Apparently the way it works is … the page will only show a still image with a PLAY button under it. Once you click Play, the video will start and they’ll count it as a “click”

Interesting, but let me be the pessimist I can sometimes be …….. who will click on PLAY?

Ok, ok … at the beginning I am sure people will have their curiosity kick in but what about 3-7 months down the line? Will you click? Don’t we try to avoid seeing banners and buttons and other as I call it … “Wall Art“?

When using this form of advertising, I think the most important part of the ad will be that still shot. It would have to be so eye catching and interest grabbing that would make people (who are busy, tired of ads, have their filters turned on) to click PLAy and give 5-10 seconds of their attention to your “commercial”.

It’s too early to “bash” this new form of advertising, but we can submit assumptions and opinions. My take??? ……… This thing would have to bee 200% targeted and 300% relevant for it to really work.

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