I Tell You, War in Iraq IS Justified ! (Casual Friday Post)

Ok War in Iraq … time for “free topic”. Many will agree with this post, many will disagree, many will post positive comments and many will hate me. What a world we live in.

Is it justified? I’ll get to the real answer in a bit but first…

How does someone decide that a war is not justified? The death toll? Why are you surprised? This is a war and you will have casualties. The money it’s costing us? Again … why are you surprised? Wars cost money. Look at WW1, WW2, Vietnam… So let’s get the $ and death out of the equation (even though I understand how devastating death is to a family).

Did we choose the right country to fight?

You and I will never know. Look, even though we live in the world of “free and independent press/media” there are still many things we are not being told and all we can do is guess and assume.

I assume that Iran and Syria are more of a threat than Iraq. Should I now say that war in Iraq is not justified? No my friend. These 3rd world countries are a threat to the civilized world because we BUILD and they DESTROY. So why are they so evil? Well imagine … you have no job, you’re a young kid, your leaders are filthy rich and you live in a box, you’re an idiot, and you look for something to belong to. Isn’t that what Maslow’s theory was?

They get picked up by these fascists and learn how they’ll get … what 72 virgins?

I don’t mean to tackle a religion. I think that you have the right to believe in anything you want…. but 72 virgins? God will give you 72 virgins??? Enough said.

Anyway … as long as these “natural resource rich” countries have leaders who put all the money they make into their own pockets, the entire civilized world will suffer. As long as they keep their citizens hungry, uneducated and poor, they will be in control.

How do you get a dog angry and follow your commands? Keep it hungry and wiggle a piece of meat in front of it to follow you anywhere you take it.

Ok … George W. Bush. Idiot or not?

He’s in trouble. It’s not easy to build democracy in the Middle east. That’s the reason he hosts these funny conferences where an impersonator makes fun of of him and this one is where they roast him. “Hahaha”, let’s get the tension out and change the subject. Anything and everything to make sure we don’t get too concerned.

One thing for sure is that Bush is the BEST President for Israel. Where other Presidents only made comments and diplomatic efforts, Bush has done thing instead of just talking … whether Israel took advantage of the situation and did the right thing…. that’s a different topic that I’ll talk about next week.

Should we pull out of Iraq right now?

If you say YES, I’d say you’re way off. It’s a disaster there now. Iraq is close to civil war. If US leaves it will be a total chaos there. Why should we care? Well because anytime a country looses control you get a guy like Hitler who promises the world with their plan to attack other countries and that’s when you start seeing a problem.

I think most Americans understand this and even though many demand for an immediate pull out, they do so because they are just tired and aggravated with this thing.

Bottom line is…

People don’t change their opinion and views. When you started reading this post you had a strong opinion and I am 99% sure that it didn’t change. So no matter what I tell you, you’ll believe in what you want to believe.

I believe that we should be present in Middle East because we can’t just sit here and wait until they come to us. We did that and 9/11 happened.

Iraq, Iran, North Korea or Syria? I’d say that the biggest threat now is Iran, but you’ll have your own pick.

P.S. Should we “marketing bloggers” talk about this issue? Yes we should. Every one has an opinion and I choose not to hide it. Instead of just posting a negative or positive comment here you might as well comment on it from your own blog letting your readers know where you stand. Many of them will agree, many disagree, but almost all will respect the person behind the blog who decided to talk about something controversial.

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  1. Very nice Igor. Well constructed and thought out without getting into a lot of the rehashed political arguments.

    “I think that you have the right to believe in anything you want…. but 72 virgins? God will give you 72 virgins??? Enough said.”

    I think the Muslims have misinterpreted this whole 72 virgin thing. Think about it. They start out with 72 virgins and then one night its only 71 vi… oops, 70 vir… oops, 69 virgins… oops, where did all the virginity go? That leaves them surrounded by 72 used up old hags. Its that or no sex at all. Sounds like an eternity of frustration either way! No wonder why they blow themselves up. I would do if I had that to look forward to. 😀

    Stoney deGeyter | Aug 25, 2006 | Reply

  2. Stoney, that’s a good one. But why only 1 per night? 😉

    Anyway …. let’s not go any further.

    Igor Mordkovich | Aug 25, 2006 | Reply

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