7 Tips to Creating The Winning Google AdWords Ads

It’s amazing to see most Google AdWords advertisers not testing and improving their ads every month. I think the reason is … for many it’s too complicated, they have to keep track of its performance, the CTR (click through rate) changes, the conversion each ad brings and so on. So … what are some elements or you might say “tips” to creating winning AdWords ads?

1. Before you do anything and start creating your ad… LOOK at what your competitor’s ads are saying for the keyword. You can not compete intelligently if you don’t see what you’re competing against.

2. Try to use the keyword in your AdWord ad’s title and copy. These keyword will become bold and thus attract more attention to them. Also … these are the words your prospect typed … use the same words they do – speak their language.

3. Be different. You can’t imagine how important this is. If all of your competitor’s ads are using keywords in them and all of them have the first letter of the word capitalized and they all pretty much look the same … do everything the opposite way. Stand out!

4. Offer a benefit in your ad. If you have the lowest price, be sure to mention it. If you offer free shipping, be sure to include it in your Google ad. If you offer a discount to a popular organization members (AAA, AARP…) you can mention it as well.

5. For your URL instead of writing www.yourcompanyname.com write … www.YourCompany.com so that it’s easier to read. You should know that many advertisers now try to be different by typing something else, other than the company URL. I’d suggest testing this approach.

6. Implement the “State & City” option in Google. This way you can customize your message for each state a visitor might be searching from. This is relevance and it might help in your CTR and conversion rate. Ex. …Special Discount for NY, NJ, CT residence.

7. Try making your ad read like a sentence. Don’t put dots at the end of the 1st ad copy line, just go on and finish the sentence. This worked for many advertisers including myself.

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  1. Nice tips. I wrote up an article about Adwords writing on my blog earlier:


    It’s about using Adwords + Amazon Associates, but it’s mostly about writing good Adwords

    Danny Tuppeny | Aug 27, 2007 | Reply

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